Dip in The Road

Dip in The Road is one of the secret beaches here in Carlsbad. Unless you are a local, you will most likely not hear about it. What’s good about it is that there is usually no swimmers there. It’s hard to access the beach, so it is only really worth going there if you are surfing.

The process of getting to the beach is a workout itself. There is a small parking lot next to the location, but it is usually filled up because of the campgrounds. Across the highway, however, there is a residential area that is full of spots. There is no stairway to get down to the beach as well, so you will have to learn how to go down and climb the cliff. As a reward, you might see many squirrels there. It’s one of the rocky beaches, and that means that you won’t really want to walk after you get there unless you want your feet to hurt for a whole week.

The experience sounds terrifying, but the surf spot is worth the commitment. It’s one of my favorite spots to go to. Dip in The Road is one of the most popular surfing locations for locals. It is never too crowded and always has something to offer. Waves there are consistent and easier to ride than most of the places. It’s a great place to learn since there are never rip currents around there as well. There are waves breaking closer to the shore and also waves breaking far out there. There are left and right hand waves depending on where you position yourself as well.

Ideal surfboard: shortboards

Map view of Dip in the Road

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  • Caeley

    I like the detailed explanation on how to get down the cliff to this beach. especially because Im from San diego and go to surf spots around the SD area.
    I like the disclaimers made that this is not a good swimming spot and its only a good idea to go there if youre a good surfer.

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